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September 2015


Is it better to buy generic drugs?

September 24, 2015

Is it better to buy the generic?

  • The original tool traces its history to 1992, when Pfizer has worked to develop a means by angina. Employees of the research laboratory have noticed that it is, in addition to its direct effect, enhances the male libido, while easy to have an erection, and its quality is much higher. A similar effect is experienced by men who suffer from impotence. Launch new, very different studies. So there was the first drug copes with disorders of potency in men.


  • Generic – an exact copy of the original drug with the same active ingredient – Sildenafil. It is produced by the same formula, and has absolutely the same properties as the original. The most running generic is Viagra 50 mg and 100 mg. Such doses are recommended as acceptable daily. Maybe for someone to be effective in lower dosages. In this case, a tablet can be broken into pieces.

Viagra. The price of generic and original

  • Viagra – the original one is not cheap, and not everyone can afford a regular intake of this drug. But the cost of generics is very democratic. If the pre-production of the original needed costly research, laboratory and clinical trials, the huge investment in advertising campaigns and many other solid investments, then all that it was required in the production of generics. It is available on a ready formula and is known of the original drug.

Method of production:

  • Viagra pills can be in different forms: pills to swallow Viagra, Viagra pills for resorption, capsules, gel. In situations where there is absolutely no time to wait for the start of the conventional tablets, lozenges help out and gel. These means form absorbed in the buccal cavity and begin to operate just after 10-15 minutes. In addition, gel or suckable tablets do not fall into the digestive tract. Thanks to this, adopted the food does not affect their performance. You can safely take the vehicle after a hearty meal. The rate of onset of action and effectiveness of these forms of evidence and numerous testimonials from those who have experienced it myself. With all the preparations which give rapid effect can be found in the catalog the category “Fast”

Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?

  • The action pioneering drug begins after 40-50 minutes after administration and lasts for three to four hours. This is enough to get the maximum enjoyment of intimacy. Based on the effect of blood flow to the male genitals and relaxing the muscles. This creates the perfect conditions for the erection. It should be noted that it does not arise spontaneously, but only as a result of sexual stimulation. After ejaculation, it naturally disappears.
  • To your choice was more balanced, we suggest that you visit our website section “Reviews”. Here you will get acquainted with the views and experiences of those who use the drug. You will be able to “first-hand” to read about the action and the means to evaluate its effectiveness. Before you decide on the admission, definitely read these instructions carefully, as there are contraindications to receive funds.
  • It should be noted that Viagra has a fairly pronounced side effects such as headache, facial flushing, temporary blurred vision, skin rash, tachycardia, nasal congestion, and others. And although these symptoms are transient and appear individually, they may bring some trouble.
  • If you want to remedy violations of potency operated longer, and the side effects were expressed not so bright, you can order Cialis or Levitra purchase. The action of Cialis lasts about 36 o’clock, and the severity of side effects is much lower. In Levitra takes into account all the shortcomings of previous drugs, and it is practically devoid of side effects.

Viagra- a miracle drug or a cure?

September 20, 2015

Many people wonder, why Viagra has become so popular among men who have problems with potency?

Is it a miracle drug or a cure?

  • Viagra has become so acceptable for regular use for a different reason – because it has specific characteristics regarding its action time. In order to eliminate all possible doubt about this, read the following information.
  • Of course, the duration of Viagra – is the main question of interest to all men. After all, how important it is for any man to be able to pleasure a woman, and quite a long time. In truth, this issue does not have a clear answer yet.
  • The action of this drug is an individual in accordance with the constitution men, especially the digestive system and the individual tolerability tablets.
    Some representatives of the stronger sex talk, feel the effects of Viagra for more than 4 hours. Others boldly say that for them it is possible to observe the effect of Viagra is good, even in the next morning.
  • We want to say that it is working individually for each individual male.
    We must seriously consider how to take Viagra for clear planning an intimate relationship. For example, the drug is taken on an empty stomach or before meals, that is good news – in this case, the drug will be faster and more effective than taking it directly after a meal.
  • The reason for this is simple and clear – the stomach will be more loaded, so tablets need much more time to dissolve and enter the bloodstream. So do not directly refute the effectiveness of Viagra, and pay attention to this fact and always consider the delay time for Viagra 100 mg to have learned well by the body.

    To understand how long can act Viagra, you must clearly understand the mechanism of erection. First sexual stimulation acts in a similar way:

    dilates blood vessels of small pelvis, improves blood flow to the penis, and then the penis hardens, increases in size and scope – and it’s all true signs of an erection.
    However, the completion of sexual intercourse the penis sexual tension decreases, filling it with blood ceases to be so intense erection disappears and the penis returns to the usual state and size. If there is some specific technique of drugs, plus a number of chronic diseases of the body – in this case will deteriorate vascular blood flow throughout the body, and later in small vessels and capillaries of the penis.
    In this situation, even an intense sexual arousal does not lead to the normal increase in the normal blood flow to the penis – this is the erection does not appear or there, but to an extent which is totally insufficient to fully develop and maintain sexual contact. If such a situation is repeated for a long time, then all the symptoms indicate the presence of the disease called erectile dysfunction.

Another huge plus of Viagra is that it has a positive impact not only on the potency and maintain an erection, but also able to improve the quality of sexual intercourse itself, it extends its duration, improves vivid sensations during orgasm.

Note the following useful information.

  • It is useful to any man for he understood how effective duration will be only known drug pills in his individual case. Focusing on the scale below, it is possible to determine precisely the effects of taking Viagra. The penis has increased in size, but the curing step is not yet fully come.
  • The penis can become quite hard, but, unfortunately, is not in a condition to successfully start penetration. Sexual organ sufficiently hard to start intercourse but not sufficiently. The penis is in a state of absolute erection firm and is ready for penetration. Interestingly, the degree of number three and four, that is, the state is completely satisfactory erection is achieved in 80% of men suffering from erectile dysfunction to after they received a dose of 100 milligrams of Viagra.
  • How many takes effect Viagra Viagra Clinical studies have given quite ambiguous and contradictory results concerning the start of the drug. In the first case, the effect of Viagra action begins only after two hours after taking the drug, and with it the food and in another study – almost immediately, after a quarter of an hour after 1 tablet containing 100 mg active substance was Requests large amounts of cold boiled water. In actual practice, this particular drug has already started its work in about 30-60 minutes after you take it. As we have already recalled, the duration of action of Viagra is a little more than four hours.
    Active substance of Viagra – Sildenafil which is quite well absorbed into the blood, in particular after the administration of 1 tablet containing 100 mg of base material, the maximum concentration of the drug in fasting blood occurs within half an hour to an hour.
  • But if the use of Viagra comes in combination with fatty and hard to digest food, while the total absorption into the bloodstream automatically increases by about half an hour before. The drug is taken orally with plenty of water.
    The initial dose should be 50 mg, that is, half the usual pills, and not earlier than 45 minutes before the alleged sexual contact. Taking into account the individual and health, substance dose can be increased to 100 mg or to reduce its consumption of up to 25 mg. This is the best dosage to discuss with your doctor. Viagra should not occur more than once in 24 hours.

Who can not apply this drug?

  1. It is not recommended to take Viagra, or sildenafil-containing drugs, if a man is
  2. suffering or in parallel wants to cure the following diseases:
  3. anatomical deformation of the penis;
  4. angulyatsionnye processes;
  5. venous fibrosis;
  6. Peyronie’s disease;
  7. myeloma in varying degrees;
  8. blood cancer;
  9. gastric or intestinal tract;
  10. presence of angina or heart failure;
  11. postinfarction or post stroke state;
  12. blood pressure instability.

As you can see, the duration and the quality of action of Viagra is determined by how a man carries the body component parts of Viagra. It is important to observe a meal with the reception of the funds, because they are mutually dependent. Another important detail – overdosing is unlikely to continue to enjoy the intimate, but on the contrary – the fall cause unpleasant consequences for the whole organism and for the intimate sphere.