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July 25, 2017



July 25, 2017

Causes of acne:

Human health is of great importance for companies. But 45% of the population suffer from acne. For many years scientists using medical research, tried to identify the cause of acne. Scientists have defined a genetic predisposition to the disease. 50% of cases of acne have been associated with a genetic predisposition. Other risk factors have not been finally determined. Continue Reading…

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July 25, 2017

Eczema is the disease manifested by inflammation of the skin cover of the human body. Doctors call this disease dermatitis. The disease begins with redness on the skin. Redness may turn into rashes. Rashes can have a spontaneous nature, have no clear localization. If the disease has a long-term, itchy sensations join to rashes.

If the disease lasts a short period, the redness can disappear without a trace. In some cases, blisters can appear on the place of the rash. In the case of blisters, a person begins to seriously worry the itchiness. Prolonged symptoms of redness can significantly thicken surface of the skin without showing signs of inflammation. The skin becomes hard and rough, reminiscent of the scales of a reptile. The disease affects various part of skin on the localization and distribution. Continue Reading…

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Molecules of cholesterol

July 25, 2017

Cell membranes consist of one lipid and two protein layers. The outer and inner layers are composed of protein molecules, and the intermediate layer consists of lipid molecules. The structure of the membrane provides good permeability for nutrients, which the body produces from the food.

Molecules of cholesterol represent one third of the lipid layer. Permanent admission of full nutrients ensures the complete health of the body. The cell can function only when a temperature of the body is normal. All physiological processes in the body are at the temperature of 36,5° C. The increase of body’s temperature above 37°C causes the body to work in a stress mode. Continue Reading…


Daily cholesterol

July 25, 2017

Organisms of animal origin are needed by cholesterol throughout life. Cells synthesize cholesterol on their own, providing for their own needs. More than 30 stages of the synthesis of this substance is in each cell. In the final stage lanosterol turns into cholesterol.

The body can synthesize cholesterol from incoming products. People with an average weight (63 kg.) can synthesize more than one kg. of cholesterol per day. This substance is mainly found in cell membranes. The lipid composition of cells of animal origin is ensured the safety of the cell. Full metabolism gives health to the body. Continue Reading…

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July 25, 2017

The word cholesterol consists of two Greek words which mean to the flow of bile.

Cholesterol is an organic chemical substance. It is a type of steroid, refers to molecules of adipose tissue. Cholesterol is only synthesized in animal tissues of animals and it is not synthesized in the tissues of plant origin. Cholesterol is essential for cells of animal origin for normal functioning.

This substance is involved in building cell membranes, provides protection of the inner parts of cells against the effects of external factors. It ensures the integrity of cell structure. The creation of the lipid layer helps to strength the protective properties of the cell membrane.

The presence of cholesterol provides a good permeability of the membrane to power the internal structures of the cell. Ensuring the normal functioning of cells allows ensuring good health for the whole organism. In the process of life, cells undergoing shape changes and processes of existence. All these processes keep the process of evolution of a living organism. Continue Reading…

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Bulimia and anorexia

July 25, 2017

Bulimia often goes into anorexia. For bulimia, is characterized by the fact that the person eats a lot of food. Immediately after eating the person has a vomiting, or he’s trying to call her own. Among people with bulimia, there are no people with excess weight. Or bulimia nervosa people suffer with minor deviations from normal weight in a big way. Health of this man is not broken.

The diagnosis of bulimia can supply the dentist during examination of the oral cavity of the patient. People with this diagnosis have bad teeth. At survey of an oral cavity the doctor can see a lot of previously supplied seals. These patients have typical complaints of crumbling teeth. Continue Reading…

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Bulimia as a genetic predisposition

July 25, 2017

The observations of scientists have shown that bulimia is most common among close relatives.

More than half of the cases of bulimia are associated with the presence of a genetic predisposition to this disease. The percentage of risk is estimated to 54.6%. On the second place by the frequency of occurrence is stress factor.

There were changes in the social system in Russia. Also, have abrupt reassessment of the moral and material values. It was the collapse and stress for many people. In socium people lost connection between young generation and older people.

They have stopped to understand each other. In society, it became fashionable, to be young, to have a beautiful appearance, have a good health. This provides a good job, money and position in society. This led to a massive opening fitness clubs, sports halls for training correction. There are many clinics nutritionists opened. Continue Reading…

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July 25, 2017

Simple bulimia is the second name of bulimia neurosa. The disease bulimia nervosa is characterized by uncontrolled absorption of large quantities of food. This phenomenon can also be described as uncontrolled glutton.

Problems of patients with bulimia.

We know from magazine’s articles that Princess Diana suffered by this disease. The disease has a psychogenic etiology. The characteristic symptom of the disease is the absorption by person of large quantities of food in a short time. Immediately after eating the person is trying to vomit the food you have eaten. It occurs spontaneously.

Often in the early stages of the disease, the patient try to vomit on their own. Purging the stomach from consumed food comes without consequences in the initial stages of the disease. These attempts take place consciously. It may be done by taking laxatives as well. Continue Reading…

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Bipolar disorder and its impact

July 25, 2017

Diagnostic features.

The human condition is divided into two types. Status, when there was at least a single manic episode. It is the first type of bipolar disorder. Status, when there was at least a single depressive episode. It is the second type of bipolar disorder.

The duration time of the episode is important. In such cases, usually the episodes have a very long length of time. One major episode is more important for diagnostics than a few short episodes of the disease. Particular importance are the cases with established multiple small episodes. They have an average or mild severity, but significantly increase the duration of morbid period. Continue Reading…