June 27, 2016

Andrology (as an independent branch of medicine) appeared relatively recently. Literally, the name is translated from Greek as “the science of man.”

Previously, problems specific to men’s health engaged exclusively urology. Today andrology urology is adjacent to the field of medicine, as it works with similar diseases.

  The doctor-andrologist treats problems related to male health. His areas of competence include:

  • Violation potency;
  • Erectile disfunction;
  • Infertility;
  • Problems with reproductive function;
  • Prostate Diseases;
  • Pathology of the urogenital organs;
  • Plastic surgery.

Professional skills and knowledge to help andrologu Moscow clinic “Doctor Plus” to diagnose the specific disease for men, as well as to choose the right therapy on the basis of the combined treatments.

If a man concerned about the shape or size of the penis, it is a chance to see a specialist for surgical andrology (plastic surgeon). An experienced specialist of our clinic will also help if plastic surgery is needed due to an injury or scar tissue.

Modern medical technology has the potential to help many patients and using correction genitals bring their lives to a new level. The decision to choose a technique accepted by the doctor. In diseases of the male urogenital system in our clinic are applied conservative methods with the use of physical therapy, if necessary, will be scheduled surgery, which will hold himself andrologist.

Andrologist conducts operations in the following pathologies:

  • Phimosis and paraphimosis;
  • breaking the mold male member;
  • edema of the testes;
  • vasodilatation of the penis;
  • increase penis size.

At what age should apply to andrologist?

A separate direction of the medical sphere is a children’s andrology. Children’s specialist works with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of urogenital organs in boys, including birth defects and malformations.

Early detection of problems and timely treatment leads to effective results, so by necessity to andrologu should apply at any age, from infancy.

Specific diseases that treats andrologist

If a man has any symptoms of a burning sensation in the urethra, pain when urinating, then it could be a symptom of a primary or secondary urethritis.

Primary urethritis develops as a distinct disease caused by infectious agents. Secondary urethritis develops against the background of other infectious diseases and inflammatory processes, such as infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

Accurate diagnosis can only be done by a doctor. The disease does not pose a serious danger, but the disease is extremely unpleasant for the patient and uncomfortable.

Diseases of the prostate (prostatitis or, say, prostate adenoma). Despite the abundance of advertised and affordable pharmaceuticals to patients is not recommended to self-medicate. Treatment of prostate disease requires an integrated approach that can be applied only after a comprehensive diagnosis.

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease, often caused by harmful microorganisms – causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases or other pathogenic microbes. Sometimes acute and chronic, but the treatment is necessary in any case.

Prostate adenoma is a benign neoplasm, which can sometimes degenerate into a malignant tumor. By the way, the adenoma is no longer a disease of the elderly. Unfortunately, the way of life, bad habits and sedentary modern man leads to the fact that the diagnosis “adenoma” increasingly put thirty.

Disorders of the reproductive function. Male infertility is the cause of unsuccessful conceptions almost as often as female infertility. In the case of infertility couples andrologist consultation is one of the essentials of full consultation.

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