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Pancreas: symptoms and diagnosis of diseases

Pancreas: symptoms and diagnosis of diseases

The pancreas, in spite of its small size, about 20 cm, has a very important role in the work of the entire digestive system of man. It produces pancreatic juice. The juice contains enzymes that break down the food, allow the body to digest and absorb protein, fat and carbohydrates. Pancreas regulates blood glucose by producing insulin and glucagon. And in fact, glucose is the main energy supplier for the person and protects the heart from stress overload. Allocation data of enzymes in a balanced and harmonious. Continue reading Pancreas: symptoms and diagnosis of diseases


Phimosis – a serious problem 3% of all men on earth

Receiving treatment of phimosis circumcision urologist.

Phimosis – it is impossible to fully open the head of the penis due to a significant narrowing of the opening of the foreskin. In childhood the penis head is physiologically not exposed, thus protecting the penis from getting infections. Such a physiological condition in the majority of the boys (85-90%) terminated to 3 years of age. However, do not fix phimosis surgically taken before the age of five, if the baby has no problems with urination, and did not join secondary infection. Continue reading Phimosis


You need to know that the prostate at the time diagnosed with very well to treatment. Significant difficulties may lead to identify the reasons that cause the actual inflammation in the prostate. Treatment of urogenital dysfunctions representatives of a strong half of humanity – a profile specialty Urology network of health centers. It offers dozens of experts in more than 50 branches all over the city (several clinics in each branch of the subway). Continue reading Prostatitis

HIV infection

Attention danger: modes of transmission and ways of HIV infection

Attention danger: modes of transmission and ways of HIV infection
In its relation to HIV people at-risk for the disease, divided into two groups. Some, quite apart from the HIV problem, ignore the danger, and happily indulge in the pleasures of life. Others lost in the flow of information and confusing reality and fiction, we are willing to contact with the outside world only through a condom or latex gloves. Just say – and those are wrong, and others. The problem of HIV infection to date been studied well enough to know exactly what the situation is the risk of infection is real and how much – is extremely unlikely. How is HIV transmitted, in what situations the risk of infection is greatest when you need special care – let’s see. Continue reading HIV infection

How to save memory and improve concentration?

How to save memory and improve concentration – a simple solution to a complex problem.

The daily flow of information which is dumped on us like an avalanche, makes us think about how to improve memory and concentration. Today, this issue is relevant not only for the elderly, but also for students and knowledge workers, in other words, for the vast majority. Continue reading How to save memory and improve concentration?