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Cervical erosion – what to do?

September 26, 2016

Women’s Health

Cervical erosion – the scourge of disease among the female genitalia. After inspecting the women hear unpleasant for themselves diagnosed – erosion. Someone after hearing comes as a shock, but someone these words nothing is said. One day after I forgot about the problem, and the other catches up with the fear and terror.

If we take the statistics, during the passage of checkups at the gynecologist, the diagnosis of cervical erosion put more than half of the patients. Women begin to actively search for information, share with friends, read online, change doctors. And someone, nevertheless, decided not to bother.

Let us, to begin with, we get an idea of ​​the erosion, where it “lives”?

The anatomical shape of the uterus is pear-shaped. In the vagina appears a narrow part of the “pear”, this is the cervix. It can be viewed by using gynecological mirrors on a chair. The channel, which passes through the cervix called cervical. This channel goes from the vagina to the uterus. The walls of the cervical canal consist of columnar epithelium. The vagina and the outer part of the cervix is ​​lined with stratified squamous epithelium.
cervical structure.

Cervical Erosion – Causes

The definition of “cervical erosion” is deprecated. Most often it is used the doctors of the old school, implying some abnormalities on the cervix.

What is it that is meant by the cervical erosion? These include the following diseases:

  • true erosion,
  • ectopia,
  • ectropion,
  • cervical dysplasia.
  • Cervical dysplasia is a problem. This is a serious pathology, and it deserves special attention.
  • True cervical erosion

On examination, the gynecologist sees a red spot, which is not different from the affected areas of color brightness. Healthy tissues are pink. This spot looks like a sore or wound. The cause of this erosion can be:

  • different viruses
  • genital infections,
  • burns of mucous,
  • surgery on the cervix.

True erosion after the cause is usually heals quickly. If the area is eroded, treatment is necessary.

Important! Nonhealing erosion can cause dysplasia or cervical cancer.

It is also called pseudo. columnar epithelial cells change their location, and take place on the vaginal part of the cervix.

  • The reason is ectopic hormonal in nature. The physiological ectopia passes at women to 25 years. It may appear in pregnant women, and also take place during the first six months after birth. In all other cases the ectopia is pathological in nature and should be treated.
  • It is a kind of inversion of the mucosa of the cervical canal to the outside. Causes of formation of ectropion can be all kinds of gynecological surgery on the cervix.
    When concomitant inflammatory process ectropion does not disappear, and can create a fertile ground for more serious diseases in the neck. Generally, treatment is surgical.

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