Dryness of scalp

April 1, 2017

Dryness of scalp

If your scalp itches and flakes, you should turn to simple, but effective advice. The state of the hair, in the first place, is determined by the type of scalp. Healthy hair always attracts attention and gives a sign that the owner of this head of hair has excellent health. When hair thinens or becomes dull, it is worthwhile to think about the condition of the scalp. What symptoms are indicative of its dryness? Let’s figure it out.

Unpleasant sensations on the scalp spoil the mood, create a feeling of discomfort. You can get rid of this. First, you need to determine the cause.

Manifestations of peeling scalp

Scaling of the scalp is considered a natural process, and is a rejection of the surface layer of the epidermis. It manifests itself by peeling skin scales, which we see on clothes, a comb, and sometimes even looking at ourselves in the mirror. The skin of the scalp itches, we become irritable, which makes the itching more intolerable. And, of course, this causes problems in communication, adds insecurities and leads out of the comfort zone. In the case of these symptoms, it is necessary to conduct laboratory diagnostics on the skin fungus.

What is the cause of scaling and itching of the skin

The scalp itches and flakes for various reasons. The most common are:

  • – Dryness of the scalp, which often causes severe itching. Doctors – trichologists advise to use moisturizing shampoos, balms and masks.
  • – skin fungus. This reason requires complex treatment, preferably appointed by a doctor.
  • – allergic reaction. It often happens that the scalp itches and flakes after changing the conditioner, masks, shampoo. Go back to the hygiene products that are suitable for your hair and you feel comfortable.
  • scaly scalp and itches because of the lack of vitamins and trace elements that do not enter the body due to improper or inadequate nutrition.
  • – seborrhea. Scaly skin on the head, there is a strong itch. The disease is chronic, and the cause is a high secretion of fat and a change in its secret. The treatment of this ailment is long and requires the obligatory consultation of a specialist doctor.
  • – heredity, genetic features.
  • – exposure to ultraviolet and sunlight.

We have analyzed the most common causes and conditions that can lead to itching and scaling of the scalp. Some of them we can prevent ourselves. For example, the lack of vitamins, fatty acids can lead to dry skin of the entire body, including the head. Therefore, they should be filled in time.

Let’s treat the scalp

It is necessary to determine the cause, because of which the above symptoms have appeared. Approach the issue of treatment is serious, otherwise complete recovery is not guaranteed, moreover, the health status may worsen.

It is necessary to adjust the diet – it is important in case of any of the symptoms – so start drinking more water, eating fiber, eating fruits, berries and vegetables. It must be remembered that the internal state of the body is completely reflected in our skin.

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