Causes of acne:

Human health is of great importance for companies. But 45% of the population suffer from acne. For many years scientists using medical research, tried to identify the cause of acne. Scientists have defined a genetic predisposition to the disease. 50% of cases of acne have been associated with a genetic predisposition. Other risk factors have not been finally determined.

Hormonal disorders:

Research was found that the hormonal background of a person plays major role in the emergence of disease.

Also, the immune status of the human body plays an important role in occurrence of acne. Medical studies have shown that more than 30% cases of the malady manifested due to this cause.

Decisive role in the appearance of acne plays the infection in the body. Pimples occurs in patients of any age. Most often you can find acne vulgaris. They appear frequently in boys aged 14 to 20 years. It is connected to hormonal changes during this period. Sharp changes of a hormonal background lead to breakdowns in the body. These processes are quite difficult to detect. The survey requires large investments of money. Not everyone can afford such research. Most part of people tend to assume the infection presence in the body and treat the acne with antibiotics.

Hormonal disruption leads to changes in body weight. So people, not understanding what is happening to them, begin to follow diets. The lack of nutrients causes additional hormonal error in the body. It can lead to serious consequences. Person may need hospitalization and the appointment of the serious treatment.

Stress factor

Serious stressful situation can cause acne. Stress affects the balance of hormones in the body, disrupt their production and proper distribution between organs and systems.


An equally important reason for the presence of heavy infection in the body. It is no secret that on the skin of healthy people have many infections. But it is necessary a combination of many factors for this infection began to cause pathological changes in the skin.

Violation of the sebaceous glands

The excessive increase of secretion of the sebaceous glands can be a banal reason for the occurrence of diseases of the skin acne. This phenomenon leads to the formation of plugs in the ducts of the sebaceous glands and block secretion of sebum. Public health service conducts extensive research to identify factors in the emergence of acne.

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