Bipolar disorder and its impact


Diagnostic features.

The human condition is divided into two types. Status, when there was at least a single manic episode. It is the first type of bipolar disorder. Status, when there was at least a single depressive episode. It is the second type of bipolar disorder.

The duration time of the episode is important. In such cases, usually the episodes have a very long length of time. One major episode is more important for diagnostics than a few short episodes of the disease. Particular importance are the cases with established multiple small episodes. They have an average or mild severity, but significantly increase the duration of morbid period.

Such periods are necessary to use certain medications. In the classification of the diseases they are allocated in separate group. Also in a separate group highlighted conditions of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is often difficult to differentiate the diagnosis bipolar disorder with personality disorder.

In this case, it is necessary to conduct the tests. Schizophrenia is easy to distinguish from bipolar disorder.

In cases of mental disorders, study of health indicators of the organism is not required. They don’t give the necessary information. Doctors do them to find out the presence of co morbidity which may complicate the treatment. Exclusion of concomitant medical pathology facilitates and accelerates the recovery of the patient.


In the treatment of mental disorders good help physiotherapy. The use of natural phenomena helps to quickly restore the health of the body. Physical therapy helps to restore the conductivity of the nerve fibers. Using physiotherapy is most effective helps to relieve attacks of the disease. Medicines can be used in conjunction with the physiotherapy.

Drug therapy includes the use of mood stabilizers. The group of neuroleptics helps to restore the natural physiological processes in the nerve cells of the brain.

Bipolar disorder can be treated with good result.

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