Bulimia and anorexia


Bulimia often goes into anorexia. For bulimia, is characterized by the fact that the person eats a lot of food. Immediately after eating the person has a vomiting, or he’s trying to call her own. Among people with bulimia, there are no people with excess weight. Or bulimia nervosa people suffer with minor deviations from normal weight in a big way. Health of this man is not broken.

The diagnosis of bulimia can supply the dentist during examination of the oral cavity of the patient. People with this diagnosis have bad teeth. At survey of an oral cavity the doctor can see a lot of previously supplied seals. These patients have typical complaints of crumbling teeth.

Bulimia patients easily found out the diagnosis in the anamnesis of their feeding behavior. As a rule, the patients do not see the violations in behavior and believes that he is doing everything right. Periodically scientists have to rewrite the symptoms of disease: add new signs and remove the no more relevant indicators.

  • Criteria for diagnosis have shaken after the revision of the Manual of psychiatry. Now it is difficult to distinguish anorexia nervosa from bulimia nervosa. To understand whether you suffer from bulimia or not, you need to pay attention can you keep yourself in the hands when you eat.
  • Diagnostics will not take much time. You will immediately understand what happened. You also need to control of your weigh, have to weight yourself every morning, can keep a diary where you will record all of your indicators.
  • You can ask for help from their relatives. They are better seen, do you have disturbance in eating behavior or not. The health should be protected. Do not be shy to ask for help from family when you have a problem. Mental eating disorder is a serious problem. If it not prevented, it is possible that you will need the help of experts.
  • Advanced forms of bulimia can lead to pathological anorexia. This disease also affects the health and feeding behavior. Remember: mental illness is easier to prevent than to treat.