Bulimia as a genetic predisposition


The observations of scientists have shown that bulimia is most common among close relatives.

More than half of the cases of bulimia are associated with the presence of a genetic predisposition to this disease. The percentage of risk is estimated to 54.6%. On the second place by the frequency of occurrence is stress factor.

There were changes in the social system in Russia. Also, have abrupt reassessment of the moral and material values. It was the collapse and stress for many people. In socium people lost connection between young generation and older people.

They have stopped to understand each other. In society, it became fashionable, to be young, to have a beautiful appearance, have a good health. This provides a good job, money and position in society. This led to a massive opening fitness clubs, sports halls for training correction. There are many clinics nutritionists opened.

The change of social order has led many people to lower their own self-esteem. People are trying to meet the new standards. But they can’t do it quickly. This leads to stress in the family and at work. Poor quality of food in hypermarkets leads to obesity. People don’t understand that obesity is not just an opportunity to eat a lot. It is connected with changes of a hormonal background of an organism. To invade in these processes are dangerous for human life.

  • The human body has several types of buildings. It is well-known for people related with such kind of sport like bodybuilding. Some people easily lose weight and gaining it. To change the weight and contours of the body is not difficult for them. For other people it is a challenge.
  • People are trying to do it on their own, which leads to such disease like bulimia. Anorexia nervosa take priority before bulimia due to the frequent stressful situations. Bulimia is the easiest mental disorder compared to borderline personality disorder, binge eating disorder, Kleine-Levin syndrome.

All these diseases are terrible diseases, they succumb well to treatment. A person can easily return your health.

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