Simple bulimia is the second name of bulimia neurosa. The disease bulimia nervosa is characterized by uncontrolled absorption of large quantities of food. This phenomenon can also be described as uncontrolled glutton.

Problems of patients with bulimia.

We know from magazine’s articles that Princess Diana suffered by this disease. The disease has a psychogenic etiology. The characteristic symptom of the disease is the absorption by person of large quantities of food in a short time. Immediately after eating the person is trying to vomit the food you have eaten. It occurs spontaneously.

Often in the early stages of the disease, the patient try to vomit on their own. Purging the stomach from consumed food comes without consequences in the initial stages of the disease. These attempts take place consciously. It may be done by taking laxatives as well.

Often people have this disease when trying to lose weight the wrong methods. They begin to regularly accept diuretic preparations and preparations for stimulation of intestinal peristalsis, trying to sit on a water diet, exhaust excessive exercise in the fitness clubs. It is well-known like syndrome Sharon stone.

  • That kind of stress is bad for health and the General health of the body. A large volume of drinking water a day leads to edema in places where it shouldn’t be. Consumption of stimulants adversely affects the Central nervous system. It transforms into the wrong team and disrupts the work of organs and systems.
  • Excessive physical exertion in sports halls depleted the reserve capacity of the organism. People suffering from bulimia do not have the excess of weight. Often provoking vomiting leads to deterioration of appearance. The skin thickens and cracks in the knuckles.
  • This lifestyle has a bad effect on the teeth, they crumble and fall out. Patients often go to dentists. This lifestyle leads to the fact that dental treatment does not lead to good results. Fillings fall out and crumble.

This leads to dissatisfaction with the results and to frequent litigation regarding poor medical care.