Care of our hands in summer


Care and health of the skin of hands in the summer

Finally comes the long-awaited time – summer, and many people are getting ready to leave carrying forget about such an important point, as the skin care in the summer time. The devastating effects of different weather conditions adversely affects the skin of the face, hands. Especially actively damaged skin of hands on – that in this article we will offer you a few tips for practical application. Thanks to them, in this period, you can avoid problems and to maintain an attractive appearance for the skin.

  • In addition, should take care of the nails. Nowadays, experts have developed a unique varnish with different properties to strengthen treatment and UV – protect nails. For example, a company like Hand & Nail Harmony has recently developed a series of coatings with different properties, colors lacquers with relevant and meets all the latest trends of the season. in our country can be almost anywhere, such products more widely available in the Internet. In addition to nail more should pay attention to moisturizing the skin in such a hot period, moisturizers for hands perfectly cope with this task.
  • In our climatic zone more sparing sun acts on the skin, but should take care in advance of purchasing water-resistant sunscreen cream. The constant application of it will help to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, which can cause premature aging of the skin, dryness, and its dehydration. Just need to replace the soap on a soft gel with extracts of herbs and flowers, it will further moisten the skin. Good helpers in the summer would be natural oils, vitamins and moisturizers.

Using all of these methods of care for your hands, we can conclude that using simple and inexpensive means, the summer everyone interested in this person can avoid the negative effects of nature and transform the skin.

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