The word cholesterol consists of two Greek words which mean to the flow of bile.

Cholesterol is an organic chemical substance. It is a type of steroid, refers to molecules of adipose tissue. Cholesterol is only synthesized in animal tissues of animals and it is not synthesized in the tissues of plant origin. Cholesterol is essential for cells of animal origin for normal functioning.

This substance is involved in building cell membranes, provides protection of the inner parts of cells against the effects of external factors. It ensures the integrity of cell structure. The creation of the lipid layer helps to strength the protective properties of the cell membrane.

The presence of cholesterol provides a good permeability of the membrane to power the internal structures of the cell. Ensuring the normal functioning of cells allows ensuring good health for the whole organism. In the process of life, cells undergoing shape changes and processes of existence. All these processes keep the process of evolution of a living organism.

Cholesterol is an important substance for normal hormonal levels. The cell uses cholesterol for the synthesis of substances of the group of steroid hormones. It is used for the synthesis of bile acids. The vitamin D is synthesized in the body with the cholesterol.

  • Thus, cholesterol is an important Sterol in the group of the sterols in the animal organism. Most cholesterol comes from the outside. But the body is able to produce cholesterol through the specialized liver cells. In a healthy organism, the liver cells to fully provide the body with the necessary amount of cholesterol.
  • The body is able to maintain their health independently. Researchers examined the consumption of cholesterol in animal and vegetable cells. Some types of bacteria are not need of the presence of cholesterol. Other types of bacteria use cholesterol for growth. The presence of cholesterol provides organism health.

In the 18th century, scientists were first highlighted solid cholesterol in composition of gallstones. But only in the 19th century this substance was called cholesterol. Scientists drew attention to the importance of the presence of this component in the composition of bile.

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