Eczema is the disease manifested by inflammation of the skin cover of the human body. Doctors call this disease dermatitis. The disease begins with redness on the skin. Redness may turn into rashes. Rashes can have a spontaneous nature, have no clear localization. If the disease has a long-term, itchy sensations join to rashes.

If the disease lasts a short period, the redness can disappear without a trace. In some cases, blisters can appear on the place of the rash. In the case of blisters, a person begins to seriously worry the itchiness. Prolonged symptoms of redness can significantly thicken surface of the skin without showing signs of inflammation. The skin becomes hard and rough, reminiscent of the scales of a reptile. The disease affects various part of skin on the localization and distribution.

  • In severe cases, the disease affects the entire surface of human skin. There are distinguished different groups of sickness. We will not talk about health. It can be as a separate disease. And can also be already common somatic disease, involving dermatological status. It is now possible to pinpoint the cause of the dermatitis. It caused by a breakdown of the immune system of the human body.
  • Doctors have identified several successive stages of development of the disease. Dermatitis is a manifestation of the impact of allergic factor, which can’t be discovered and therefore cannot be eliminated its effects. Especially dermatitis often occurs in industries where there are very powerful allergic factors. It has a very strong damaging action and the body cannot fight with it alone. The first the skin gives the reaction. Diseases of the skin are not good for health of body.

In the 20th century this disease was considered incurable. People received lifetime diagnoses. Periodically was hospitalized. In severe cases, prescribed treatment with corticosteroids. People have received disability with this disease in the history. The only thing that is required for the treatment of this disease, to eliminate the effect of the allergen.

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