Hands skin health


Hands – a mirror image of the human health. According to their shape, the color of their skin and nails can learn a lot of useful information about how a person’s character and inclinations to bad habits, as well as his health. The main thing to look at him more closely.

What means the color of the hands?

First of all, you need to pay attention – this is their color. Or to be more precise, on the color of the skin of hands.

So, if the palm of the hands are red, then this deviation may indicate that there are irregularities in the liver. It can be all sorts of her disease from hepatitis to cirrhosis.

Unusual marble pattern on the surface of the palm often indicates the presence of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, for example, vegetative-vascular dystonia. Also, the presence of marble ornament on the hands can be a harbinger of an early stage of diseases such as hepatitis, cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, cholangitis or. In other words, the presence of images closer to the color of the marble is likely talking about pathological processes in the liver or biliary tract.

It has a brownish tint to the skin of palms, merging with brown hands, talking about the process of aging. Basically this skin pigmentation seen in the hands of people in old age, but it can also be a sign of liver or gall bladder disorders.

If the skin peels off …

Pay attention to the appearance of your hands. If the skin peels off in the form of small plates of dead skin, then it is a possible lack of vitamins A and D. But if the skin is completely covered with the palms of large-plate flakes, then immediately drop everything and go to a dermatologist. Perhaps this is the first sign of fungal diseases of the skin, and without the aid of such a specialist, as a dermatologist from this illness alone does not get rid of.

The temperature of the palms

In addition, a lot of hands can tell us the temperature. If the palm of your hand to touch unnaturally cold, it is often the first symptom of diseases of the circulatory system. In addition, the low temperature may hand indicates insufficient quantity of nicotinic acid in the body. If there is a shortage of it, then you need to fill up by eating foods rich in it or taking vitamin supplements. Determine the level of nicotinic acid in the body is possible only by laboratory tests of blood.

And if the temperature is high hand, they constantly hot, with a constant feeling of pins and needles, it is – one of the main features of diseases of the endocrine system, most often thyroid dysfunction.

Too wet hands point to the pathologies associated with the thyroid gland. It can be a hyperactive thyroid. And if your skin is very dry, it may have hypothyroidism.

In addition to temperature, skin color and palms, it is of great importance and pigmentation of the upper ball palms, fingertips, and even nails.

What else to pay attention to?

If a person feels systematically numb little fingers, then in this case it is very important to visit a cardiologist. Perhaps this is the first symptom of cardiac work. If numb thumbs, it could be due to a violation of the respiratory system.

Found on the tips of the phalanges deep folds, wrinkles more like visit an endocrinologist – this may signal hypothyroidism or the presence of diabetes.

If you suddenly become fingertips purple hue, particular attention should be paid to the digestive system. In addition, the purple color may indicate phalanges and about all kinds of diseases of the kidneys, liver and the urogenital system.

A feeling as itching, says malfunction of the colon or rectum. Rough to the touch your hands – it’s a problem with the gallbladder and its ducts.

As you can see, as hands can learn a lot. They first signal the presence of disease. Therefore, if at least one of the above symptoms are present, then visit a doctor. Perhaps this is the only chance, which provides the body in order to spot developing the disease and cure it at an early stage.