How to keep hands skin young


Hands often give a real woman’s age as the girls forget to give them the necessary attention. And take care of your hands should be properly, as well as the skin of the face and neck. Let’s look at how to protect your hands from the discoloration, dryness and wrinkles.

  • Protect your hands from any negative impact
  • Protect your hands from any negative impact shutter stock
  • Do not neglect the care of their own hands

If you will be regularly and properly care for the skin of the hands, the eyes of those around you look much younger. The first step towards this – reliable protection of the skin from the negative influence of external factors.


In cold weather, be sure to wear gloves, it will protect your skin from the negative effects of low temperatures. And if you’re cold, do not immediately on return to the room to substitute his hands under running hot water to warm them gradually. To do this, you can put them in your pocket or wrap a scarf and a little wait. After a while, your hands will be comfortable.

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“In addition, it is not necessary to give up the gloves and a warm time of year, if you are a long time in the sun, for example, while working in the garden This will limit the penetration of ultraviolet rays that can cause wrinkles, brown spots and skin cancer.” – Says Grant Stevens, MD, clinical professor of surgery, a plastic surgeon in Marina del Rey, California.

Protect your hands by using gloves

And while working around the house, especially if you have to immerse your hands in water, be sure to wear rubber gloves.

Pumps on hand cream

In winter, half an hour before leaving the house applied to the hand cream from the weather or the fat nutritious cream. In the warmer months, do not forget to put your hands on a daily sunscreen.

Do not forget to apply the cream

Get rid of dark spots on the hands
If you notice that your hands were dark spots start to use the cream for skin lightening. However, before turning to the dermatologist, he will help you choose the necessary means. Remember, you can not independently appoint a treatment, it can be fraught with uneven skin lightening.

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