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Mixed martial arts fighters may face long-term brain harm

In recent years, there was a lot of research in regards to the possible long-lasting harm of head injuries suffered by professional football players. Different kinds of competitive sports were seemingly overlooked, but there’s a recent research that shows that people involved in boxing and MMA, may also risk long-lasting brain harm, as well.

When it comes to the aforementioned sports, the continuous trauma to the head is shockingly prevalent. In the research, there were blood tests, magnetic resonance imaging scans, and memory/thinking tests. The test subjects: almost 300 pro fighters (avg. age ~ 30) and 4 ex-fighters (avg. age ~ 45), along over 100 people not involved in fighting activities (avg. age ~ 30). With a selection like that, a research has to have some cohesive results. The study shows that the MMA fighters and boxers are likely to have long-lasting brain harm.

Several people specializing in brain trauma came forward and said that the research findings were of interest. It had its limitations, and it doesn’t have much clinical significance as of right now, but the research may pave the way for further studies. The ultimate goal is to find a way to detect brain injury early, before the effects and complications become irreversible.

Clearly, this study is important to the general public as well, because no one is safe from severe head trauma and there’s a lot that needs to be said in regards to concussions.
Overall, we are all waiting on more information from the Brain Injury Association of America. This research when combined with other data, could potentially lead to a serious breakthrough in brain injury science.

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