Proper care for your: best eyelashes for you.


Luxury languid eyes are not able to leave indifferent any representative of the stronger sex. Large, expressive eyes, long groomed eyelashes – all this attracts attention and makes the image memorable women. Even if nature has not endowed you lush lashes, you can make them so, knowing the little tricks women on the care of eyelashes.

If the appearance of your cilia you are quite satisfied, and you just want to keep what you already have, the care will not take much time. Just Macao special brush in castor oil, and gently, being careful not to get into the eyes, comb the lashes. It is advisable to repeat this procedure every day, and ideally – twice a day, morning and evening. After an hour to wash off the oil, you can not leave at night. Also, never go to bed with makeup on his face. Be sure to rinse it off using a suitable lotion or cream you make-up remover. Do this carefully as possible, try not to rub strongly and do not pull the skin around the eyes. Do not wash off with soap and water ink, t. To. It can contribute to irritation and the formation of wrinkles. If you use waterproof mascara, you need to wash it two-phase tonic, as usual lotion bad copes with this task.

If you notice that the lashes rapidly began to fall, then to solve this trouble must be approached comprehensively, because the cause can be both external and internal factors. Perhaps you just do not fit cosmetics that you use, so try to replace all the tools used for the care of skin of eyelids and eyelashes, on the other, preferably hypoallergenic.

Care for lashes at their loss

how to care for resnitsamiV combat loss will help you, sunflower, linseed, peach, almond or castor oil, which should be applied to the eyelashes before bedtime. Purchase in a drugstore vitamins A, B12, B5, E, and daily take them inside. If after a month of such a complex treatment you still have not noticed the changes, you should not delay the visit to the doctor-cosmetician. He will be able to identify the causes of hair loss and will prescribe the necessary drugs and treatments.

Masks for the growth of eyelashes

There are several recipes for masks for the growth of eyelashes:

  • A mixture of castor oil and Roma (the proportion of one to one).
  • A mixture of burdock and castor oil (ratio of one to one), 2-3 drops of vitamins A, E (oil solution) and a little bit of aloe juice.
  • A mixture of aloe juice and castor oil (ratio of one to one), and a couple of drops of vitamin A (optional).
  • Castor oil and rose oil (the proportion of one to one).
  • Castor oil, chopped parsley and the juice of aloe (the proportion of one to one). It is required that the mixture brew for about a day.
  • A mixture of burdock and sea buckthorn oil (should be applied to the eyelashes by 2-2.5 hours).
  • Masks that contain castor oil, should be applied for 1 hour and then wash off. Do you need a day.

To lashes look shiny, use of sea buckthorn or fir oil, pre-adding to a drop of oil solution of vitamin D.

how to care for eyelashes excellent remedy, beneficially affects the condition of the skin around the eyes and eyelashes health, are the usual teas of chamomile, cornflower, sage, calendula, black tea. It is necessary to make, let them infuse for about 20 minutes. Wipe their eyes in the morning, and it will help get rid of any inflammation. You can also make compresses. Take a cotton ball, soak in the broth, place on eyelids and lie so 15 minutes. Packs recommended once every 7 days.

Prepare balm for eyelashes at home: in equal parts to mix castor oil and burdock, and then add to it a few drops of pharmaceutical composition of vitamin E (oil solution of it) and a little bit of aloe juice. Applying this tool on a daily basis for a month, you will quickly notice that your lashes have become thicker and more attractive. Remember: Avoid contact with fatty oils to the mucous eye, as they tend to irritate the eyes and form an oily “veil”, which is subsequently difficult to remove, so it’s best to apply caution any means from mid-lash, and not the roots.

Recommendations for choosing a mascara

Choice of mascara:

When buying mascara, pay attention to the composition. It is desirable that the facility was further enriched with vitamins and minerals. Biotin, silk protein, vitamin E, B, A are essential for health and beauty eyelashes, so choose cosmetics containing these substances. Also pay attention to the smell and texture of the carcass. Consistency should be uniform, with no visible lumps. And the smell – a weak, barely perceptible, or none at all. In a sharp chemical smell can be judged fairly low quality goods. Replacing the carcasses should be done every 3 months, at least. Otherwise, it can accumulate bacteria, which can cause irritation. Incidentally, the ink – a tool that can not save. If your mascara has dried up, and you urgently need to revive it, in any case do not use the alcohol-based products, and, even more, he alcohol. With this task perfectly cope very ordinary hot water. Just dip the bottle in a container of such water, and your mascara is as good as new.

Periodically arrange your eyes leave. At least two days, do not use any decorative cosmetics in the week, enjoy a better useful treatments for eyelashes care, helping to improve their appearance. In order to improve their growth, it is necessary to enhance the blood circulation of the skin around the eyes. Just do a light massage century, as well as using a variety of exercises for the eyes: squeeze tightly and wide open them, turn eyeballs, and so on. It is recommended to carry out these activities on a daily basis. Following all of these simple tips and you will quickly notice the positive, and your view will captivate and maddening.

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