Romantic study about kissing


Romantic study about kissing

The most recent and downright romantic study shows that we are more likely to tilt their head to the right side when kissing. The research revolved around almost 50 couples being asked to kiss (both at their place and in private settings) and highlight the results in exhaustive details, written down. Before the big head-tilting reveal, the study also concluded that males are 15 times more likely than females to begin the kissing.

Over 2/3 of both kiss givers and receivers tilted their heads to the right side while engaging in a kiss. Why is that? First of all, the head tilting is one of the very first “preferences” in our development. Actually, in utero, an inclination for turning the head to the right is seen, way before we settle on the preferred hand or foot. If that is something that extends to the adulthood is unknown as of right now, but that’s a big theme in the neuroscience studies.

Surprisingly enough, this was the very first research to highlight gender dissimilarities in the act of kissing. Now we have concrete proof that males are statistically more likely to be the initiators. Despite being a light-hearted survey, this may lead to some serious hypotheses in regards to the fundamental neural basis of human behavior.

There’s also a theory that the brain is giving completely separate tasks to the hemispheres, with left being more involved in the emotions and decision-making. The main takeaway from this study is that males are more active in kissing and you should pay attention to your partner’s head-tilting preferences.

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