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Children conceived with donor semen are as healthy as general population

The recent studies show that children conceived with donor semen are as healthy as the rest of the kids. The research shows that the kids weren’t impacted in any bad way, both physically and mentally, regardless of their family type. The family type in question includes straight couples, single mothers, and lesbian couples.

  • The research was conducted in Australia, it studied the growth of over 200 youths between the ages of five and eleven, all conceived with donor semen. There’s a certain negative vibe surrounding the decision itself, it might as well look like a great big step in the wrong direction for some people. However, opposed to the popular beliefs, the bodily and mental health of kids conceived with donor semen is equal to the rest of the kids.
  • The research data also points out that the mother’s well-being was, on average, better when compared with the rest. The research has also pointed out that the family type doesn’t affect the well-being of the donor-conceived children in any significant way. The main takeaway from this research shows that the family itself and inner working/dynamics influence the child’s psychosocial, physical and mental well-being.

After all, all it boils down to is looking after the child’s needs, because this study has proven that the kids conceived by semen donors have the same health when compared to the other kids. More studies like that could cause an uprise in sperm donor pregnancies, it may even change the public’s perception in the end – facts and studies like these should be publicized via various media outlets.

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